Bill Maher mocks Al Franken by recreating famous groping photo


Franken's original photo launched a cascade of creeper complaints, and reminded every woman of that douchebag they dated during their freshman year of college. Bill Maher

HBO host Bill Maher paid tribute to fallen Minnesota Senator Al Franken today, recreating Franken's famous groping photo and beaming it to his followers on Twitter. 

The photo appears to be shot in a private plan on what Maher describes as a yearly Hawaiian vacation. It shows him pulling Franken's classic move, air-groping the supple breasts of Bob Saget, former star of the hit drama Full House

When Franken's original first became public, it was hailed as "totally awesome" by seventh grade boys across Minnesota. But it quickly led to a cascade of complaints from eight women who say he grabbed their butts and forcibly stuck his tongue down their throats.

Franken resigned this week after polling showed he reminded most women of that douchebag Jared they briefly dated during their freshman year of college. 

The response to Maher's tweet featured a splendid assortment of handwringing, angst, and outrage, as required by Twitter's terms of service. 


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