Bill Lunn, KSTP anchor, says "I pledge allegiance to the fag" before reporting on Pride parade [VIDEO]

While talking about the Pledge of Allegiance on the news last night, KSTP's Bill Lunn fell victim to an unfortunate slip of the tongue when he said, "I pledge allegiance to the fag."

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Just seconds after the blooper occurred, Lunn reported on the upcoming Twin Cities Pride parade. So yeah, his slipup probably couldn't have occurred at a more unfortunate time.

Here's the video:

Afterward, Lunn poked some fun at himself on Twitter:

His mishap comes just two months after KSTP fired reporter Mark Saxenmeyer for inserting an "inappropriate gay reference" into a story. As an inside joke with coworkers, Saxenmeyer, who is gay, characterized two gay Twin Cities fathers as "big HOMO dads," but a copy editor missed it and the offending passage was published unedited online.

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