Bill Kristol, oft-wrong conservative troll: 'Civilized cities' to play Super Bowl 'in the middle of nowhere'

Bill Kristol: Troll, or just wrong all the time? How can you tell?

Bill Kristol: Troll, or just wrong all the time? How can you tell? Youtube

Only when Donald Trump becomes president does Bill Kristol become a principled thinker of reasonable thoughts.

Kristol, the editor of the conservative Weekly Standard and a former regular Fox News contributor, has spent a career enabling the feeble-minded (Dan Quayle, Sarah Palin), the bigoted (Mike Huckabee, William F. Buckley), and the morally bankrupt (Dick Cheney, insurance companies, rapists). 

Liberals are supposed to admire him for his courage, though, because he boldly struck out against frontunning candidate (and now President) Trump, which is sort of like giving a dog a treat because it has momentarily stopped licking its butthole.

On Sunday night, after a certain sporting event most of Minnesota is pretending didn't happen, Kristol loosed a classically awful hot take from his Twitter account. Later, he retweeted someone who pointed out Kristol "was obviously trolling with this tweet."

Which, firstly: Is that what the world (and more specifically, Minnesotans) needed last night?

And secondly: OK, but how do you explain almost everything else Kristol has ever said? 

Kristol's bad take (and a few of the choice responses it inspired) can be read below.