Biking will kill off some Obama supporters, says Anti-Strib blogger

The latest from the Anti-Strib blog is sure to get hardcore bikers and Sen. Barack Obama fans riled up. After recent reports of deaths and injuries due to the increasing numbers of commuters taking to their bikes for a primary mode of transportation, the Anti-Strib blog says it might help Sen. John McCain win the election.

Quotes after the jump.

According to the latest post on the site:

If you are biking to save the environment, keep it up and the law of averages says we'll have a few less Obama voters in November.

The blogger also takes a shot at low-income bikers:

If you are biking because you are poor, get a second job and take the bus. Odds are you might just be seriously hurt and then you'll be even poorer.

The blog labels itself as "a conservative blog that works to correct the lies, distortions and half-truths of the liberal MSM, particularly the Minneapolis Star Tribune."

We know blogging often hits pretty low, but this is really disheartening. In a week when many people across the Twin Cities are mourning the deaths of loved ones due to bike accidents, this isn't the best time to turn their grief into a tirade against Democrats.

Photo from The Bridge.

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