Bike sharing in Minneapolis? Hear proposals, share ideas this week

Barcelona biking sharing program
Barcelona biking sharing program
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bike sharing actually work

in Minneapolis? The City of Minneapolis and the City of Lakes Nordic Ski Foundation have produced a proposal for such a program. They are sharing their ideas and asking for your response this week at two different forums. 

For more information about the meeting tonight at the University of Minnesota and Thursday at the Minneapolis Central Library, see below.

What's the main idea of this program? The first phase of the proposed bike sharing would focus on downtown, uptown and the University of Minnesota. The program would place up to 1,000 bikes in up to 75 service areas. The bikes would most likely be locked into computer-controlled racks and people would sign up to use them online. After paying a small subscription fee, riders could use the bikes for free as long as they returned them to another rack in a certain period of time. 

More information on the public meetings: 
Tuesday Feb. 10 
University of Minnesota-East Bank 
Coffman Memorial Union The Whole Music Club (basement level) 
7:00 p.m. 

Thursday Feb. 12 
Minneapolis Central Library 
Pohlad Hall, 300 Nicollet Mall 
5:30 p.m.

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