Big Brothers/Big Sisters want you!

A couple weeks back, a nice, young PR associate named Michelle Abel sent me an email about Big Brothers/Big Sisters in the Twin Cities needing volunteers to hang out with kids. Naturally, I ignored it. Then she called me, and politely but firmly asked if I would consider writing about her cause. In an attempt to get her off the phone, I asked her to resend the email. Which she did. And then she called me again, still with that polite-but-firm thing.

Now, I don't want to give the impression to all you PR folks out there that all you have to do to get me to write about your particular subject is to hound me endlessly until I feel guilty about brushing you off. You also have to be trying to sell something worthwhile. An MTV show featuring women talking about their intimate same-sex relationships doesn't qualify, for example. Neither does a has-been (or a never-will-be) musician happening through town.

But Big Brothers/Big Sisters? There's something I can feel guilty about ignoring!

So, there's the formula: Persistence plus a good cause equals me feeling guilty, equals me eventually writing something about you.

Without further ado, then, Big Brothers/Big Sisters is looking for mentors. It's a neat deal. To learn more about how you can help, call 651-789-2400 or visit