"Big Brother" female contestant oil-wrestles CP sports writer

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(Note: Some images and audio NSFW)

To say that the Women's Oil Wrestling Championship on Friday eve was simply a "slick" event, would serve as an understatement.  Leviathanly Lubricous would prove more apt.


Hundreds gathered at Roberts Bar in Mounds View, Min. for the pre-Halloween event, sponsored in part by Defiant Tattoo and Seconds Out Boxing Promotions.  The event served as a springboard for Seconds Out's November 20th Caleb Truax bout in which the undefeated U of M grad will vie for the IBA Americas Super Middleweight Championship at the St. Paul Armory.  To hear Truax preview the bout, please tune in to TD Mischke's "In the Stream" program on Tuesday, November 10th.

Amidst the lively eve of 3-round (1 minute per) bouts in which opponents rival to wrestle one another beyond the near outer-confines of the slippery mat, City Pages sports scribe Judd Spicer put pen to the pavement in his long-awaited battle with former CBS "Big Brother" contestant and current 93x "Ultimate Xgirl" finalist, Amanda Hansen.  To learn more of Hansen's Xgirl quest, please click here.

Prior to the bout, Spicer said of his catalyst: "I'm here tonight to dispel the notion that sportswriters are a bunch of tubby, hot-dog-eating, booze-hounds that write about sport instead of participating in the field of battle."

The lithe and tenacious Hansen proved unmoved by Spicer's motivations.  While the writer scored early-round points (and measured crowd support) with his patented "quill" and "stylograph" maneuvers -- it was ultimately Hansen's impressive combination of stamina and scissor-legs the felled Spicer in Round 3.  Said Spicer post match:

"I think I over-trained.  But I take nothing away from Amanda.  She could sense that I was winded toward the end and she took advantage of that.  I may need to cut back on the cigs; this was something of an eye-opener for me from a cardiovascular sense.  I wish Amanda the best in all her endeavors."

Hansen was equally courteous in victory, saying:

"Spicer was in better shape than I imagined most sportswriters to be, so I applaud him for that.  But I'm a confident person with lofty goals, a sound diet, regular exercise regime and utmost focus.  In the end -- I think that's what got me through."

Asked to comment about a re-match, Spicer added only: "I need a smoke . . . and a towel."

Spicer vs. Hansen:
Oct. 30th, 2009
Roberts Bar in Mounds View, MN

(Note: some images and audio NSFW)

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