Bicyclist beater sentencing delayed until July

The man convicted of killing a Minneapolis biker won't know his fate until next month now that his sentencing was delayed until next month. Jamaal Freeman's lawyers want a new trial after he was convicted of the beating death of Mark Loesch with a baseball bat.

Freeman, 22, was scheduled to be sentenced today, but will now be sentenced July 29. He was convicted of second-degree murder.

More from the Star Tribune:

During the trial, defense lawyer Emmett Donnelly asked the charges be dismissed because of signs police and prosecutors didn't document their full investigation, including possible alternative suspects.

Wernick let the trial continue and the jury found Freeman guilty. The defense claimed Freeman was present when Loesch was killed but that Donald Jackson killed him, then framed Freeman.

Jackson pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery and testified against Freeman. The murder weapon was never found and prosecutors had no forensic evidence linking Freeman to the crime, only the work of other criminals.

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