Bicycle riding down 1st Avenue

Cyclists. Listen up. The city is making a pretty incredible leap into the future of urban planning with the new "cycle track" lane going down 1st Avenue. The plan has the cyclists closest to the curb, with parked cars on their left, acting as a buffer zone between riders and drivers. It's a win win in theory, but some feel it could create a hazard for drivers making right-hand turns, as they can't see any bicycles coming up alongside or behind them. Turns out... that's not the case.

We sent our concerns over to Shaun Murphy, bicycle maestro at the city. He was fresh off a trip to Copenhagen, where he rode on the streets of bicycle's mecca.

These are his words of calm about the 1st Ave. cycle track:

Parked cars will not be permitted within 50 feet of the crosswalk as you approach each intersection, on those blocks where parking will be allowed.  On some blocks it's a longer distance, but 50 feet is the minimum.  So there will be a clear view for at least a couple of car lengths.


On Bicycle Mecca and how it relates to our near future:

One day I was riding in Copenhagen, and just around the block from my hotel I ran across the attached photo.  Made me feel much better about our 1st Avenue project! 

This is our future, bicycle friends. Rad. Rad. And cornea blinding awesome.

*photo courtesy of Chainwhip.