Bicycle Defense Kits and Hennepin Avenue

The next week looks like sunshine and 50 degree weather. For those who support Al Gore, that's horrible, horrible news. But for those who love cycling, it means pitch perfect fall weather riding. And good for citizens of Minneapolis, there's new places to ride.

We recently got off the phone with the City, who informed us the new lane markers are painted into Hennepin Avenue. This means the right lane will be Bus, Bike and Right Turn only. Sure, that means sharing the strip with busses, but when the alternative is the cluster of terror that will be 1st Avenue until people figure it out, might as well share the road with moving traffic. Bike boxes are also in place. More those in a future post.

And while I'm on the topic of disaster, did you check out the Bike Defense Kits making their rounds on the blogosphere?

Entrepreneur Luke Iseman sells the kits for $19.90 and they fit in most shirt pockets.

Here are the details:

The Bicycle Defense Kit (BDK) offers options for dealing with aggressive motorists. Contained within an altoids tin, the 8 tools vary in detectability, potential to cause damage, and legality.

Specifically, cyclists can:
• Issue "citizen citations" with official-ish tickets.
• Label offending vehicles with an "I was a jerk to a cyclist" sticker.
• Introduce the risk of paint damage with a Jolly Rancher.
• Create certain coating cremation via DOT3 brake fluid.
• Make cars stink worse than their exhaust with a carefully-placed stink bomb.
• Throw a trusty bolt to dent offending traffic as it passes.
• Lock out loony drivers by filling their keyholes with super glue.
• Cut through tire valve stems with a utility blade.

Basically, they allow you to act like an asshole.