Bickering married couples: NBC wants you!

Do you and your lawfully wedded spouse fight like drunken Irishmen over the stupidest things? And would you like your petty family squabbles broadcast for all the world to see? Then by all means get yourself to the Mall of America on Saturday and Sunday, September 26 and 27, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., and meet with the producers of a new NBC show called The Marriage Ref.

If you're one of the lucky couples chosen, you can have your irreconcilable differences reconciled, once and for all, by famous Hollywood celebrities! The show's producers say they are looking to cast "outgoing and opinionated married couples, willing to appear on national television, who have a longstanding argument or issue that must be resolved. From in-laws to housework ... no problem is too small!" If your problem is funny or interesting enough, it will be tackled head-on by a "panel of A-list celebrities." Like someone from the cast of Heroes, maybe, or that guy who plays the best friend on Chuck. After all, who knows more about the foundations of a solid and loving marriage than Hollywood actors?

The newest reality show, set to air next spring, is created and produced by none other than Jerry Seinfeld. The casting people call it a "pro-marriage comedy show"--which presumably means they don't want serious marriage problems like adultery and felonious assault. But if your spouse insists on flossing in bed even when you've told him/her a thousand times that it bugs the living crap out of you--here's your chance!