Beyond Detroit: How many jobs would Minnesota lose if Big 3 went under?

A Dec. 3 report by the Economic Policy Institute on behalf of the United Autoworkers claims that a shutdown by one or more of the Big 3 automakers would cost the country 3.3 million jobs.

Hardest hit would be Michigan (400k+ jobs), Indiana (150k), Kentucky (up to 75k), Alabama (up to 76k), Tennessee (105k+), and Ohio (up to 220k).

What about Minnesota? Well, we're not getting off scot-free.

Minnesota is considered in the "second tier" states that would be affected and would see up to 14,200 losses if GM went out of business, and up to 51,500 jobs lost, or 1.9 percent of employment, if there was a total industry shutdown, according to the report.