Betty McCollum calls out extremists ahead of OKC anniversary

U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum

U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum

For a change of pace, we have a Minnesota congresswoman asking her colleagues to calm down and see the nation's affairs with a little perspective: Democratic U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum on the House floor Tuesday in support of a resolution marking the 15th anniversary of Timothy McVeigh's domestic terrorism in Oklahoma City.

"When Members of Congress compare health care legislation to 'government tyranny,' 'socialism,' or 'totalitarianism' in hopes of scoring political points it's like pouring gas on the fire of extremism," she said. "I implore my colleagues to temper their rhetoric and not allow the words of a member of Congress to ever be used by any violent militia or hate-filled phony patriots to cause violence."

Republican U.S. Rep. Tom Cole, of Oklahoma, promptly denied that McVeigh's anti-government bomb attack killing 168 innocent people was a political act and called McCollum's quest for civility "outrageous" and "deeply offensive."

McCollum has some first-hand experience with the crazies. Someone angry about the passage of health care reform -- and unwilling to identify themselves -- mailed a condom to McCollum's St. Paul district office with the declaration: "Betty McCollum you've been dry f***** by the liberal party."

Here's video of McCollum on Tuesday: