Better Know a Luxury Apartment Building: The Walkway

The Walkway in Uptown

The Walkway in Uptown

Welcome to the inaugural edition of "Better Know a Luxury Apartment Building," a semi-regular series taking a deeper look at the new upscale developments popping up around the Twin Cities.

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For our first installment we chose The Walkway, home of the infamous Uptown Hot Tub:

Just look at that baby. Magnificent.

The Walkway sits proudly in the heart of the Hennepin Avenue portion of Uptown, and in a lot of ways it personifies the total gentrification of that neighborhood. It's glitzy and cool, but in an obnoxious way that attracts mockery.

It's the kind of place people stop, point at, and make a joke about while wondering if they know anyone who can get them into one of those hot tub parties. It's What Uptown Has Become, for better or for worse.


Address: 1312 W. Lake St. Opened: January 2014 Developer: Clark Gassen Height: Six stories Number of Apartments: 93 Target Demos: Uptown Party Bro, Young Corporate Executive, Professional Athlete Best Amenity: The hot tub is the obvious choice here, but having Mariah Carey's former concierge attending to your every whim would be pretty awesome, too. Street-Level Restaurant: Coup d'Etat What did it used to be? A three-story Cowboy Slim's bar Model on Website: Hot ginger!