Betsy Sathers, bridge collapse widow, adopts Haitian twins

Did throwing a few bucks the Red Cross's way constitute the bulk of your "help Haiti" efforts? Us too. We were feeling pretty good about ourselves, too, until we heard about Betsy Sathers.

Scott and Betsy Sathers of Blaine had been married for just 10 months when the I-35 bridge collapsed in Aug. 2007. Thirteen people were killed, including Scott. Two-and-a-half years later, Betsy Sathers is connected to another tragedy-- this time, though, it's more about life than death. With no children of her own (she and Scott were looking forward to staring a family at the time of his death), Sathers, 33, decided to adopt a pair of Haitian twins, Ross and Alyse.

"I don't think I rescued them," Sathers tells the AP. "I feel like if anything, they've rescued me."

Read the full story here.

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