Betsy Hodges's spox blasts KSTP for report about tension between mayor and Chief Harteau

Mayor Betsy Hodges's spokesperson, Kate Brickman, laid into KSTP last night for a report about purported tension between her boss and Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau.

In "Minneapolis Mayor, Police Chief Deny Tense Working Relationship," Jay Kolls cites "multiple" unnamed sources who tell him the two "don't get along very well." He says the beef the two had about police body cameras while Hodges was on the campaign trial marked the beginning of their rift. But Brickman thinks the real story is about how gender bias colors KSTP's coverage.

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Here's what Brickman said on Facebook:
Ever wonder what it's like to be a woman leader? Let me sum it up for you. You can't be another woman's boss without someone asking if you're "the best of friends right now." Yes. Real question.

Oh. And if you say you have a good partnership with someone, but [someone] who doesn't work with either of you claims otherwise, you have a story about how taxpayers should be concerned.

Disgusting. Please alert me the next time a reporter asks a male mayor if he is "the best of friends" with his police chief.
She also sounded off on Twitter:
-- Kate Brickman (@katebrickman) July 30, 2014 For what it's worth, Brickman was far from the only person who had that reaction to Kolls's piece: For what it's worth, both KSTP's news director and assistant news director -- Lindsay Radford and Anne Wittenborg, respectively -- are women.

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