Betsy Hodges proclaims July 14-20 "The Best Week of Bragging about Mpls Ever"

Hodges thinks residents should do more to get the word out about all Minneapolis has to offer.

Hodges thinks residents should do more to get the word out about all Minneapolis has to offer.

Some might argue Minneapolitans brag enough as it is. After all, if you've been reading us for a while, you know that people can't get enough of us trumpeting each and every one of the City of Lakes' appearances on top city lists of all kinds.

Nonetheless, Mayor Betsy Hodges thinks we're too modest. And so during her State of the City Address yesterday, Hodges proclaimed July 14-20 "The Best Week of Bragging About Minneapolis Ever."

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Reached for comment following the speech, Hodges spokesperson Kate Brickman said, "The week will involve events, which we'll work on planning in coming months, in addition to social media. We hope to get some partners in the effort. Mayor Hodges came up with the idea a couple weeks ago. We'll have a lot more details in the future about it."

Asked whether the Week of Bragging was inspired by something similar another city had done, Brickman says she believes Hodges "came up with the idea on her own, early in the process of when she was thinking about the speech and what she wanted to say in it."

"She knew she wanted to ask the community and residents to be involved in some way, so this seemed to be a fun way to achieve that," Brickman continued.

Here's what Hodges had to say about Minneapolis's alleged modesty during her address (via the Southwest Journal):
We could discover cures for 17 kinds of cancer and we would say nothing, and if someone else noticed we would say, 'Yeah, well, thanks. Anyone else would have done the same.' And then we would change the subject to the weather. If we are going to grow, if we are going to bring opportunity here, we can't afford to be modest. We can't afford to hide our lights under all those bushels. And we sure can't settle for merely being less modest. We have got to brag, people. Actively, loudly, with more vigor than we know we have we must shout to the rooftops that Minneapolis and our people are the best on Earth.
Hodges went on to say she wants the city to grow by more than 100,000 residents. She said she envisions the bigger, less modest Minneapolis having a robust public transportation infrastructure that will make it easier to live here without an automobile.

But some chose to make fun of Hodges's brainchild:
-- JohnGilmore (@Shabbosgoy) April 24, 2014 Looks like Hodges will have to grow the city by 100,001 residents to meet her goal.

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