Best of the Twin Cities

Allen Beaulieu

Hey, everybody. I'm your host, Diamond Daryl. Yeah, that's right. Woo! You probably remember me from the hot, hot, HOT game show... well, okay, it's been a few years, but undoubtedly you recall Big Boss Man. That's where employees and their bosses answered trivia questions in order to determine who was really smarter. We invented the line "You're fired." And the brawls that ensued, I'm telling you! But seriously, you remember me from that one, right? Black moustache, strong shoulders, sensual hands? "He puts the 'man' into 'manicure,'"--you remember when the Globe wrote that? First week of December 1985, page 17, second column? I could send you a Xerox; I just have to get the original out of its frame.

Anyway, I just want to say what fine players you all have been. You've filled in umpteen blanks and chosen your super favorites and guessed at the answers you didn't know. You've eyed the timer and gotten your ballots in before the buzzer. You've weighed the delights of various French fries across this fine town of ours, the best cookie, the best place to watch a punk band, the optimal location for falling in love. Awwwww. Smooch! Some of you won free meals for your trouble. (I'm available for a dining companion, you know, if you can handle the VIP treatment at Hardee's.) The rest of you get the distinct thrill of seeing how your choices stack up against those of our learned editorial staff. Around here, we call them "the professors" because they went to college. Boooriiing!

Now, dear players, it's time for the double super bonus round here at City Pages and I'm telling you, there are no holds barred! In all its glittering glory--this is it, the absolute best of everything Minneapolis and St. Paul have to offer: the 2004 Best of the Twin Cities Showcase Showdown!

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