Best Minnesota Scandals of 2008

No need to waste time; here is our pick for best Minnesota Scandal of 2008:

Minneapolis HIlton employees were busted this fall have one crazy evening of orgy in one of the hotel's banquet halls. While many of the reader comments celebrated such a risque evening of fun with coworkers, one witness and one participant weren't so cool with it. The two were eventually let go from the company after they raised complaints about the party. The lesson for 2009: Take a deep breath and have a little fun. It never hurt anyone to have one night you'd rather not tell you family about.

And the runner-ups:


We both cringed and celebrated when Rep. Michele Bachmann made her epic appearance on MSNBC's Hardball. Bachmann told Chris Matthews that the media should do a penetrating expose on all members of Congress to find any with anti-American views. Democrats thought this was their chance to squash Bachmann's chances of winning reelection. We just liked having something to write about for weeks as Bachmann spun herself and her story in circles.

We'll probably never hear the full and true story of how these two horny strangers found each other on the Metrodome concourse during the Gophers/Hawkeyes game and decided to leave their husband and girlfriends unsuspecting in the stands for some good old-fashioned bathroom romp. Either way, the story caused quite the stir in Minnesota where good Lutherans wouldn't dare get busy in a public place. Or at least they don't get caught. The woman ended up losing her job and was subjected to public embarrassment in her small Iowa town for her drunken mistake. Whoops.

Fox had to apologize after a post-win live video from the Minnesota Vikings locker room gave viewers more to celebrate. Fox was in the Vikings locker room as Owner Zygi Wilf presented the game ball to coach Brad Childress for the 20-16 victory over the Detroit Lions. Viewers with wandering eyes got a very quick peek when Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe only partially covered his willie and giving a pretty hilarious free show. Shiancoe said he was embarrassed, but still had some fun talking publicly about his penis.

Franken is a porn-writing monster 
The Republicans pulled out all the stops during the campaign season in Minnesota, being sure to hit Al Franken below the belt whenever they could. In one of their campaign stunts, Republicans reprinted Franken's "Porn-O-Rama!" article originally from Playboy where Franken tells a fictional story about visiting a virtual sex institute. Republicans hoped the article would make women run in fear from GASP a man who likes blow jobs and wrote a funny article about getting a virtual one. Well, it definitely didn't look good for Franken, but apparently people didn't care as he is currently ahead in the race recount. 

Days before Election Day, the media started to report on two lawsuits regarding Sen. Norm Coleman's buddy Nasser Kazeminy. The lawsuits allege that Kazeminy was trying to funnel $75,000 to Coleman through his wife's company. The FBI is currently reviewing the allegations, but no action has been taken.

We can only imagine the tears that streamed down the face of our dear Gov. Tim Pawlenty when he got word that John McCain had chosen nobody Sarah Palin for his running mate. The embarrassment to watch McCain's dreams of being president crumble as Palin stumbles on the Bush Doctrine and can't seem to name a single newspaper she reads. Oh, and she has international experience because she lives close to Russia. Maybe more disappointed was the local media who had spent the whole year pumping up the possibility of a Minnesotan doing something important. We jumped for joy every time his name was dropped in the Washington Post. Maybe next time, T-Paw. 

Madoff has totally trumped our little Ponzi scheme here in Minnesota, but Tom Petters's alleged $3 billion scheme against investors still crumbled the lives and businesses of many Minnesotans. Petters Group Worldwide, Sun Country Airlines and Polaroid were all quick to file bankruptcy, leaving many employees jobless and a lot of accused helpers losing everything they owned. Petters won't start his trial for a couple months, but with all of his alleged accomplices pleading guilty, Petters faces an uphill battle (to say the least) to prove he is innocent. Karma, man! 

Rep. Michele Bachmann said a lot of crazy things this year. People in Congress are quick to point fingers, so why not take the easy route and blame the people on the bottom? Bachmann read into the legislative record that a federal program that gave home mortgage loans "on the basis of race and often on little else" was to blame for the banking crisis. Rep. Keith Ellison, along with the Congressional Black Caucus were outraged. Bachmann still says she isn't racist.