Best inauguration shtick to make a buck

There was an almost constant crowd of curious tourists checking out the inauguration space Saturday. And some of the clever local folks knew these visitors were gullible enough and just plain happy enough to be fooled into giving them a couple bucks. Everyone here is trying to make some spare change off of this.

This man takes the award for best inauguration shtick I've seen so far.

This man couldn't keep the smile off his face as he posed in front of the Capitol. Nervous tourists stood back and snapped pictures of him as he sang and tried to coax people to come up and take a picture with him. They'd hold signs, sing songs together, and he'd get them laughing. 

Then came the punch line: He'd lean over and tell them he was homeless and wanted a dollar. Unfortunately he stopped doing it the second the video camera came out, but you'll still get the point.