Best Buy: "Thousands of possibilities" turn into four

The folks at Best Buy thought they'd be generous this year by sending a gift guide to everyone on their list. The Richfield-based retailer must think it's dear friends with every "current resident" around town, because inside the booklet were personalized handy-dandy buying tips such as "gifts for the men in your life," "gifts for the kids" (pictured were adolescent boys), and finally, "gifts for you," a lil' somethin' for the ladies, which was a lonely MP3 player that has the power to make women dance. (Ladies, you can use it while you work out or clean house, right?)


The lesson here? According to Best Buy, women love shopping for and pleasing their man. These gizmos and gadgets women don't seem to understand aren't for their enjoyment, but only to purchase while doing what they know and love best: shopping! If you're a male "current resident" who received this guide, you might want to pass it on to your mom or aunt or any nearby female so they can be sure to pick up one of those space-age silver thingamabobs that plays games and movies and makes men's eyes look like they were soaked in cranberry juice.

And Best Buy might want to rethink its niche-marketing strategy. Today, it was announced that the company is being sued for sex and race discrimination. According to the AP article:

Best Buy created four hypothetical stereotypes to identify its most promising prospects, the suit alleges.

The list includes: "Barry," a white man with a six-figure income eager to buy expensive equipment; "Ray," a white man who likes high-tech gadgets, even though he can't always afford everything he wants; "Buzz," a younger man fixated on video games; and "Jill," a stay-at-home mom married to Barry.

Best Buy says "the suit misconstrues the retailer's effort to fulfill the divergent needs of its customers." The "Jill" in the gift guide who represents all female "current residents" is a woman who has real needs to shop, after all, and diverisity comes from women's ability to please everyone, including their man.

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