Best Buy reinvents itself with spiffy logo, going green and mobile

Best Buy reinvents itself with spiffy logo, going green and mobile

Recent Best Buy news seems to suggest that the electronics giant, based in Richfield, is going through a major makeover to grab customers outside their already enormous circle of technology nerds.

We previously reported Best Buy's plan to make a store in Colorado geared towards women. This means natural light through skylights, blue and earth tone carpet and wood paneling because women were easily frightened by the warehouse style.

Now the company is coming out with new plans for expansion and creating a buzz in the blogosphere.

When the new Mall of America Best Buy store opened in August, the new logo adorning the outside as well as the new uniforms got very little attention. But reports on branding blogs started buzzing last week as people began to suspect a logo change in the works.

Best Buy CMO Barry Judge responded on his blog, warning readers to not jump to conclusions.

As Best Buy followers know, we are on a journey to significantly improve the customer experience across our touch points. We have many initiatives in place to make our experience better but we know for our Brand great customer experience is a result of the efforts of human beings.

Our testing process includes gauging reaction in a “live” environment such as our Mall Of America store and also includes getting feedback on employee uniforms, store design, colors, font styles etc. Our intent is to get learning in an open way not necessarily to “roll out” anything in that store. I need to emphasize that we have not decided to iterate our logo. I also would remind folks that Brands look at this stuff all the time. Most great brands have iterated their identity many times over the years, Apple (3 times at least), Target and most recently Wal-Mart are a few examples that are top of mind for me.

On Wednesday, Best Buy announced it is launching three stand-alone stores in malls to further convince people to be connected to electronics 24/7. Aren't we already?

The stores will sell phones, laptops, PDAs and accessories, geared toward younger mall shoppers who don't normally shop in their bigger stores.

According to Finance and Commerce:

Two stores, one in the Mall of America and the other in Fair Oaks Mall in Virginia, will open their doors Friday; the third will open at the Woodfield Mall in Illinois on Oct. 31.

“I think as we look to Best Buy Mobile as Best Buy’s long term growth strategy, we see a need for stand-alone stores,” said Scott Moore, vice president of marketing for Best Buy Mobile. “Obviously, no one is pleased with the current economic environment globally. The (announcement) date happened to be what it was.”

Trained employees will help customers figure out how different devices work with one another – for example, how a Bluetooth device can be connected to the mobile phone or how pictures on a cell phone can be transferred to a laptop. The goal is to improve what Moore calls a person’s “mobile life.”

And yesterday, Best Buy announced their plans to become greener. According to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal:

Best Buy Co. Inc. plans to reduce its carbon emissions companywide by 8 percent per square foot by 2012, the company announced today.

The plan includes the corporate headquarters in Richfield, all stores and distribution centers, and its vehicle fleet. According to a release, all new stores will be built with skylights and high-efficiency lighting, heating and cooling systems. The company will adopt a no-idling policy for its fleet, retrofit existing stores with skylights and upgrade their lighting and HVAC, and upgrade its energy management system to address energy spikes in particular locations.

The electronics retailer will also test solar panels in certain stores.

If Best Buy is trying to get more costumers, we suggest they tell their employees to lay off on the nagging while you shop. Whenever we think about the 3,000 employees who try to make you buy something, we also think of this great Improv Everywhere mission. Genius.

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