Best Buy feeds into stereotypes, creates store for females

Did you know women were scared and intimidated by Best Buy's older, warehouse-like blue interiors with metal shelves? We didn't either.

Women apparently prefer natural light through skylights, blue and earth tone carpet and wood paneling. Richfield-based Best Buy is unveiling it's first-ever store in suburban Denver that caters to a woman's taste.

Sounds like we'll be buying our computers and stereo equipment at Pottery Barn.

According to the Associated Press:

It's the first Best Buy store in which the company asked 40 local female customers to work with employees, beginning last February, on ideas for the new store, said Ginger Sorvari Bucklin, Best Buy Co.'s director of Winning With Women.

With the universal appeal of MP3 players, digital cameras and laptops, women are making and influencing more electronics purchases. Chains like Richfield, Minn.-based Best Buy are trying to make them feel comfortable, without alienating men.

The story is a great confluence of female stereotypes, all wrapped up in a nice consumable package. Here are some highlights:

Female customers said they wanted to see how products fit into their own lives and what products could work together.

One section typically labeled "home theater" in other stores has been labeled "family room".

There's a lower sink for children in the bathroom, lotion near the paper towels, and a private room for new mothers, with carpeting, a rocking chair, free diapers and softer lighting.

Shopping carts shaped like toy cars to cater to kids.

"The one thing the women did say was make sure to give eye contact," said store general manager Rhonda Cagnolatti.

And to top it off, they even stereotype men! Check it out:

The store will offer gift wrapping during the holiday season because male customers requested it.

We might vomit. Clearly women are gentle, calm, soothing and overwhelmed by big scary warehouses. And men can't wrap a gift to save their lives. Well, there is some truth to that last one. Thank you Best Buy, for your progressive ideas.

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