Best Buy e-mail breach: Call the Geek Squad!


This is one computer problem the Geek Squad can't solve.

For the second time in a month, the private information of Best Buy customers has been compromised.

This time, a hacker broke into files of a former Best Buy business partner. Best Buy didn't respond to an interview request, but it sounds like the digital thief only made off with customer e-mail addresses.

The Consumerist has obtained a letter sent to a Best Buy customer confirming the hack. From the letter, signed by the company's Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Barry Judge:

We have discovered that a former business partner's files containing the email addresses of some Best Buy customers were accessed without authorization. For your security, we wanted to call this matter to your attention.

We believe the only information taken was your email address, and that no other information was accessed.

Just last month, a third party hacked into the files of e-mail marketing service Epsilon and made off with customer names, contact information, and addresses from at least 18 companies, including Best Buy, Walgreens, and US Bank. No financial information was reported lost.

In his letter, Judge doesn't give any clues to the identity of this former partner, but says they don't think Best Buy was the intended target.

He also says Best Buy is working closely with "appropriate officials" to catch the perp.

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