Best Buy demotions will make shopping even more annoying

Best Buy demotions will make shopping even more annoying

Have you been inside a Best Buy recently just to pick up a couple things or waste some time browsing the movie selection? We're not talking about making big purchasing decisions that require debate and questions and a lot of staring.

Well then you've probably dealt with the nearly constant barrage of brace-face high schoolers nagging you with every move you make. "You finding everything OK?" "Anything I can help you with?" "Can I find anything for you?" "What are you shopping for today?" For the love of God, please leave me alone. I can find my way through alphabetized movies and if I am frustrated, I'll shoot my angry eyes your way. And no, I am not trying to steal. 

It won't be getting better any time soon. Best Buy just decided to demote a large portion of their employees working in managerial positions in their stores so there will be even more nuts breathing down your neck.

More from Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal:

Best Buy Co. Inc. is demoting many senior sales associates at its stores, a move that will slash salaries for those workers by as much as 50 percent.

The Richfield-based retailer decided to make the move after determining staffing at its stores was "too heavy on the supervisor and manager side," said spokeswoman Sue Busch. Company officials expect the move will ensure more staff are working directly with customers.

A Sanford Bernstein analysis estimates the change will affect 8,000 employees and could mean a cut of 1,000 jobs. No confirmation from Best Buy. We'll continue shopping online, thanks.

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