Bert Blyleven is a Hall of Fame pitcher

This is Blyleven's 14th time on the ballot.

This is Blyleven's 14th time on the ballot.

Welcome to Cooperstown, Bert Blyleven.

The former Twins pitcher was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame today by the Baseball Writers' Association of America. He needed 75 percent of the vote to make it, and received just a hair under 80 percent with 463 votes.


He will be officially inducted into the Hall of Fame on July 24 at the Clark Sports Center in Cooperstown, N.Y.

This is Blyleven's 14th year on the Hall of Fame ballot. Last year, he was just five votes shy of being inducted, which makes today's announcement no surprise to most.

Now an announcer for the Twins, Blylven still holds a number of MLB records, including the fifth-most career strikeouts (3,701) and the ninth-most shutouts (60).

To commemorate Blyleven's big day, we rounded up some of the pitcher's finest moments on Youtube:

Blyleven gets a haircut

As an announcer, Blyleven bet then-Twins pitcher Johan Santana he couldn't pitch a shutout. Santana went on to pitch his first shutout in two years. Per the terms of their bet, Santana got to shave Blyleven's head on TV.

Blyleven interviewed before the 1987 World Series game

Former Twin Harmon Killebrew interviewed Blyleven after the 1987 division championship. Before dumping his beverage on Killebrew's head, Blyleven noted that he wanted to win the World Series, which the Twins did that year.

In search of Bert Blyleven

Some "average guys" with some great Minnesota accents tracked down Blyleven after he was named a Twins Hall of Famer in 2002. The hosts spend most of the interview boasting that Blyleven should be in the baseball Hall of Fame.

Blyleven drops the F-bomb

Sorry Bert, but we couldn't resist. Here's the classic clip of Blyleven as an announcer not realizing he's on live TV. The F-bomb comes in at about 46 seconds.