Bernie Sanders-loving Minneapolis dog goes adorably viral [VIDEO]

Pictured: Partial results of the Minnesota Paw-cus.

Pictured: Partial results of the Minnesota Paw-cus. Twitter

On Friday, Minneapolis writer Chris Stedman tweeted a very good video of his very good dog, Tuna.

The clip shows Tuna watching the Democratic debates in New Hampshire with her owner. Well, "watching" -- the utterly unimpressed canine slept soundly through Pete "Why Are You Eating It Like That" Buttigieg's commentary. But she was invigorated by Bernie Sanders's position on healthcare.

The clip went viral, with 12,000 retweets, 57,000 likes, and almost 850,000 views and counting. People for Bernie picked up it up, and Twin Cities DSA acknowledged that Tuna is now the chapter's most iconic member.

You know what they say: You can tuna piano, also your dog's a socialist. 

In a follow-up, Stedman promised to give Tuna treats for every person who makes a $10 donation to the Sanders campaign, and he's been tweeting more and more Tuna pics as the receipts roll in.  

This is it, folks. This is democracy in action.

The Daily Dot spoke with Stedman, who said despite the way the video is cut, he actually caught Tuna snoozin' to Buttigieg first. (The mayor does not have a way with canines.) It was Bernie's rallying cries that awoke her.

“During Bernie’s response to the final question of the debate, she got up, stood right in front of the television, and began watching and wagging her tail,” Stedman told the Daily Dot. “I’ve never really seen her respond to the television like that before.”

He added that the response to this Very Good Girl's Bernie endorsement has been mostly, although not entirely, positive: “Someone called my dog homophobic, which is funny on several levels, but largely because I’m trying to remember the last time she was even in the vicinity of a heterosexual.”