Bernie Sanders is running, but doesn't know what Minnesota looks like



Bernie Sanders campaigned in Minnesota in 2016, including one vigorous day where he appeared at (and was confronted during) a tense north Minneapolis town hall meeting that saw the Vermont socialist on stage with activists and people of color.

When it was over, he dashed off to hobknob with bigwigs at the Humphrey-Mondale dinner, appearing on stage on the same night as the eventual nominee, Hillary Clinton.

Sanders beat Clinton handily in the DFL Caucuses that year, collecting more than 61 percent of the vote in what was essentially a two-person election.

He's running for office again, and might even have a decent chance at winning in this state again in 2018 -- even in a crowded field, and none which includes a popular Minnesotan who tends to win statewide elections by a lot.

All that said, this tweeted video highlighting how much support Bernie's getting nationwide... it's... 

Minnesota doesn't look like that. This was noted by seasoned local politico and public relations guru Jake Loesch, who tweeted his dissatisfaction.

Will Bernie be campaigning in Minnesota again? Almost undoubtedly. Could his campaign staffers draw this state on a map of the United States? We're not sure. But we're beginning to have our doubts.