Bernard Berrian violates dress code with gold cleats

Bernard Berrian, snappy dresser.

Bernard Berrian, snappy dresser.

Bernard Berrian had something to prove Sunday, after skulking in the shadows of the Vikings' torrid but doomed love affair with Randy Moss.

So the receiver went out against the Cardinals and caught nine passes from Brett Favre, including an overtime slant worth 22 yards that put the Vikes in field goal range.

Chris Kluwe kicked the points. The Vikings won 27-24. And Berrian got fined.


His offense? A dress code violation: gold cleats. Penalty: $5,000.

"Yes I will be getting a fine for the yellow shoes. No, u will not see them again this year," he tweeted. "Our colors for shoes can be black and purple. Yes,obviously I knew this b4 wearing the shoes."

If non-regulation cleats are what the Vikings are going to get fined for these days. we'll take it, It beats the daylights out of Randy Moss interviewing himself so he can blow kisses at Bill Belichick.