Ben Revere uses "no homo" during Twitter exchange with Aqua Nightclub owner

Revere has a bromance with Aqua's owner. But he wants you to know it's "no homo."
Revere has a bromance with Aqua's owner. But he wants you to know it's "no homo."

Ben Revere was traded from the Twins to Philadelphia last offseason, but he apparently still misses Minneapolis. (Or, at least, he misses one particular club in the Warehouse District.)

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The way he chose to express that yesterday, however, might result in a fine from Major League Baseball.

Here's the controversial Twitter exchange Revere, currently on the disabled list with a broken foot, had with Aqua Nightclub owner Jado Hark:

That's too bad, because Revere's tweets are often pretty funny (and unoffensive). For example, consider this offering from earlier in the day yesterday:

In any event, Revere is probably facing a fine for the "no homo" tweet. From Hardball Talk:

Major League Baseball adopted a social media policy last year that, among other things, prohibits players from tweeting sexist, racist, bigoted or homophobic things. The "no homo" thing is the very definition of homophobia in that the speaker is afraid of being mistaken for homosexual.

Revere hasn't responded to a handful of people calling for him to apologize.

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