Ben Garvin, PiPress photographer, posts amazing 'Magic Beard' video

Ben Garvin, PiPress photographer, posts amazing 'Magic Beard' video

Beard growing is an art. But what about shaving?

This morning, Ben Garvin, a 37-year-old photographer for Pioneer Press, posted a video of himself in which he shaves without hands and pulls crayons and other items from his formidable whiskers.

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"This has brought me more joy than anything I've done in a long time," he said. "I know that there's people out there, right now, laughing at me shoving a cucumber up my beard."

Using an app called Stop Motion Studio on his iPhone 5, Garvin took a photograph every five to ten seconds and edited them together on his PC with Premiere Pro.

The first 12 seconds were filmed in a hotel room in Mankato, where during the day he'd photographed the Vikings training camp. The other 110 seconds were filmed over several nights, in his dinning room, he said, and took 10 hours of his free time, in part, because he had to realign his eyes after every shot.

Garvin said he'd planned the video for months in spite of his mother, who kept pestering him, "When you gonna cut that beard off?"

On his blog, he wrote of showing the video to his 7-year-old son, who "laughed so hard a small puddle appeared at his feet afterwards--a high bar!"

You've been warned:

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