Teens Jordan Krolak and Casey Danielson, last seen in Bemidji, missing for two weeks

Jordan Krolak, left, and Casey Danielson, both 17, have not been seen since June 5.

Jordan Krolak, left, and Casey Danielson, both 17, have not been seen since June 5.

Two Minnesota teenagers, one with a history of running away in the past, have not been seen by parents or friends since June 5, more than two weeks ago. 

Jordan Krolak and Casey Danielson, both 17, were staying in a juvenile detention center in Bemidji, and were out for the day to work at a community event in Bemidji when both disappeared. They are thought to have fled together, though neither has been heard from since. 

Their flight has gained national news attention, with a feature on Dateline NBC's "Missing in America" asking for anyone who spots the girls or learns information about their whereabouts to contact the authorities. 

Sheriff Jason Bowman of Marshall County says the 16-days-and-counting disappearing act is far longer than Krolak has pulled in the past; previously, the teenager would always come back or at least call after a few days on the run. 

"She has never been gone this long, so that's concerning," Krolak said. "We just don't know what could have happened in the time since she's been gone."

Both girls are around 5-foot-5 and 130 pounds. Krolak has a "small star tattoo" on her left hand, and sometimes wears glasses. She is said to need medication, which she would not have access to since she ran away. 

Danielson, whose hair ranges from auburn to brunette, can "change [her appearance] dramatically with a change of make-up or hair color." 

A Facebook group dedicated to locating Krolak and Danielson safely has more than 5,400 members following their story.

Anyone with information that could help lead to the recovery of the girls should contact the Marshall County Sheriff's Office at 218-745-5411 or the Bemidji Police Department at 218-333-9111.