Bemidji Pioneer newspaper offices shot at for the second time this year

The right to bear arms against a free press?
The right to bear arms against a free press?

Someone really has it in for their local paper up north.

Sunday morning, while employees of the Bemidji Pioneer toiled inside, someone fired shots into the front door of the paper's offices.

No one was hurt, and the shooting went unnoticed until staff discovered the frosty spider-webbed bullet-hole in a pane of glass. Another nearby pane was shattered entirely.

Here's the thing: this isn't even the first time this year someone has shot at the paper. The building also took bullets early on New Year's Day.

Police told the paper the shooting looked like a drive-by, and bullets from both incidents are being tested at the Bureau of Criminal Apprehensions lab.

Pioneer Editor Molly Miron declined to speak on the record about the shootings.

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