Bemidji cross burning: Two white men, ages 19 and 20, arrested [MUGSHOTS]


Yesterday, Beltrami County deputies made two arrests in connection with a cross-burning incident that took place on the Bemidji-area property of a biracial family last month, and surprise! Two young white guys are allegedly responsible.

Deputies arrested Derek Barnes, 20, and Ryan Fairbanks, 19. The duo have yet to be charged, but the Bemidji Pioneer reports they could face either gross misdemeanor or felony hate-crime charges.

Further information about law enforcement's investigation and the circumstances of the arrests wasn't immediately available.

Around 12:40 a.m. on May 25, a Bemidji-area woman was sitting in her rural Northern Township home when see saw the sky seemingly catch fire. She ran outside, and there was an 8-foot-tall burning cross propped against a tree.

The woman is white, but her husband and the father of her two adult children is black.

Here's Barnes' mug:

And here's Fairbanks':

They don't exactly look like a pair of seasoned white supremacist-movement veterans, do they?

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