Bellanotte closes; Block E one giant step closer to extinction


Bellanotte, a once popular restaurant taking up a whopping 10,000 square feet in Minneapolis's Block E downtown, has officially closed. While we were less than impressed by the restaurant, the news is still a big blow for the failing Block E. Along with the vacant Borders space, the complex built to be the white center of downtown nightlife is looking increasingly pathetic.

Gameworks is also trying to get out of their space in Block E, leaving quite a pathetic offering of Minneapolis "fun". If the movie theater closes, we'd lose one of Minneapolis's grossest lady bathrooms and have a building with not much of anything of value.

Pretty soon Block E will just be a complex of dueling pianos, vodka redbulls, boobs, gross chicken wings, and idiot teens ripping their shirts off in an effort to pretend like they are really going to fight.

Count us out. We were actually never there in the first place.