Behold the Bacon Chocolate Conan O'Brien head!

If you were watching The Tonight Show last night you saw a glimpse of the Minnesota State Fair in the weirdest possible form: A white chocolate Conan O'Brien head with bacon for hair.


The bust weighs 305 pounds and has bacon for hair.

How did this happen? This YouTube video should sorta explain:

Check out the surreal letter that accompanied the bizarre gift:

Dear Mr. O'Brien:

Please accept this artistic sculpture of yourself on behalf of Minnesota-based No Name Premium Meats, the home of the best-tasting bacon in the Midwest. The folks at No Name are big fans of the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, so...since you couldn't make it to the Minnesota State Fair for the chocolate-covered bacon you so coveted in your interview with local NBC affiliate KARE-TV - we decided to send a "No Name" version of the Fair to you.

Because we couldn't make your entire body out of bacon & chocolate, we sculpted a No Name bacon-covered chocolate bust (white chocolate to capture your pasty complexion; red wavy bacon for your hair). It captures your likeness perfectly, no?

In fact, as Linda Christensen (the "sculptor") was carving you, two passers by saw the carving through her window, knocked on her door and asked: "Is THAT Conan O'Brien?"

As you will see on the attached DVD, your head had quite the journey traveling from St. Michael, Minnesota (home of the No Name company) to Universal Studios. Like your premier show sprint from New York to Los Angeles, your head also had quite the cross-country journey (with a few special stops along the way.)

We hope your head finds you well, and provides you some comfort since the tragic loss of your Tom Cruise and Fonz wax figures. No Name and Minnesota love you Conan. Enjoy (but don't eat) your head and you're welcome to visit anytime!


No Name Premium Meats (including bacon!) & Seafood

13200 43rd St. N.E.

St. Michael, MN 55376

*Special thanks to food artist Linda Christensen who is presently carving the likeness of the Midwest Dairy Association's "Princess Kay of the Milky Way" out of butter at the Minnesota State Fair.

*Additional thanks to Chocolates à la Carte for providing and delivering a 300-lb block of white chocolate to Linda's house to be carved; and to Chocolat Céleste for their efforts and assistance.

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