Beehive Botanicals accused off selling bogus cure-alls

Beehive Botanicals, in Hayward, Wis., claimed on one of its Web sites that its bee-derived products could diagnose, cure, and prevent diseases such as asthma, dermatitis and ulcers.

Bullshit, said the Food and Drug Administration. Either the products were drugs, in which case they fall under FDA regulatory purview, or the company is making bogus claims.

On March 31 the put some muscle behind the warning, when U.S. Marshals seized a range of products from the company's headquarters in Hayward.

The FDA first came calling at Beehive Botanicals back in 2007, and issued a warning letter to the company's owners in that said, in effect, knock it off.

The company later submitted proposed, and FDA OK'd, new labeling. But in the fall of 2009 FDA found the company again making what FDA said were bogus claims through related Web sites and told Beehive Botanicals again to change its ways.

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