Becky Riiser pranks on professor with Ex-Lax-laced cookies

Becky Riiser is one of those people who doesn't mind pulling off a stunt that a lot of us, out of common sense, or maybe just downright cowardice, merely dream about doing.

In the 38-year-old Wausau woman's case, she decided to prank on her hard ass biology professor at the the University of Wisconsin-Marathon County by baking her some cookies laced with Ex-Lax.

Not just a little Ex-Lax, mind you, but a half-box of the laxative, basked into cookies that were delivered to professor Aruni Pehl-DeSilva's office door in a perfectly timed maneuver so that the cookies might course through her system during her flight the following day to South Carolina.

What a gas, right? But there was a hitch. Someone from the class tipped off Pehl-DeSilva, not in time to prevent her eating one cookie, but at least before she ate the whole batch for a perfect airborne shit storm. Instead, she just suffered some tummy turbulence.

Riiser finally came clean with the laxative story, got tossed out of the UW system, and last week in court she apologized to Pehl-DeSilva.

The judge in the case couldn't believe a mother of her "maturity" would stoop so low, and the prank cost Riiser the cookie batter, the Ex-Lax -- and a $300 fine.

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