Bear, taekwondo master fight in Brainerd, bear wins

Do not get near the cubs.

Do not get near the cubs.

Garrett DeWitt is an expert in taekwondo, meaning he's got a pretty good chance of beating the bejeezus out of anyone who tries to mess with him.

Well, any human. 

DeWitt was reminded of the limitations of his self-defense training while out for a walk with his two dogs in Brainerd, the Fargo Forum reports. It was around 10'clock last Tuesday night when DeWitt realized a black bear was barreling right at him.

The bear charged right through DeWitt, knocking him down, then kept right on running to flee the scene. (Maybe she knows what happens to bears that mess with humans.) 

DeWitt was shaken up, but escaped with cuts and bruises. About a minute later, as DeWitt sought help (and shelter) from a neighbor, they saw the reason the bear had attacked: Two little cubs climbed down from a tree in her yard and followed their mom's path toward the Mississippi River. 

That neighbor, Janice Johnson, said she's never heard of a violent bear encounter during the 20 years she's lived in that neighborhood. The bears picked a hell of a target to start getting rough with. DeWitt is the grandmaster of DeWitt Martial Arts school in Brainerd. 

There, he commands a certain level of respect from his students. From the DeWitt Martial Arts school website:

Upon entering or leaving the dojang, all students must first bow to the United States flag, then to the Chief Master DeWitt, each Master Instructor present and to each Black Belt ranked student.

Clearly, the bear did not feel obligated to follow protocol. Johnson, the neighbor who took DeWitt in after his brush with the wild, says she gave him some friendly ribbing once the coast was clear.

"I kind of joked with him ... 'Your taekwondo didn't scare that bear off, did it?' " Johnson said. "[The bear] was not impressed that he knew martial arts."