Bear in Detroit Lakes takes nap, wakes up hungry, is just like you [VIDEO]

The bear had just arrived in Detroit Lakes the night before, and was unfamiliar with the best breakfast spots.

The bear had just arrived in Detroit Lakes the night before, and was unfamiliar with the best breakfast spots.

You know the feeling. You've been out all night — maybe your friend's house party went late, maybe you use the cover of darkness to steal seed from bird-feeders — and all you want to do the next day is take a big nap, eat, and nap some more.

Lucky for you, this shameful sloth can be hidden behind the closed doors of your home. For a black bear that had wandered its way into Detroit Lakes, Minnesota yesterday, it played out publicly. Part of it was recorded on a candid video recorded by a resident who discovered the bear, a mid-sized male, hanging out in the backyard of their property.

This discovery came as the homeowner's dogs encountered the bear, and, according to the Fargo Forum, barked at and harassed their guest, chasing him right up a tree. 

This was all a bit much, and a bit too early, for our bear buddy. He went back to sleep. 

That's where the video below picks up. Watch as the bear wakes up, groggily surveys the scene, and is like, "Hey, where can I get some breakfast in this town?"

The best option immediately available is to check out the bird-feeder next door. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) agents suspect this is what got our bear caught in town in the first place, suggesting he'd been eating bird food the night before when suddenly it "got light on him."

This is the moment when you, platooned at a 24-hour diner after a long night, notice that the breakfast crowd is rolling in, newspapers in hand, and you suddenly feel very out of place. You think: How do I get out of here?

If you're this bear, you take a tranquilizer dart from a DNR conservation officer (yes! More sleep!) and get transported safely out of town. State agents and Detroit Lakes cops monitored the black bear's moves as he wandered around town most of the morning, keeping a pretty close eye on him as he approached a nearby middle school. 

They made the call to tranq' the bear around midday, and he's now back in the woods outside of town — safe, unharmed, and groggy. Starving, though, after that weird morning and the long, drug-induced sleep. 

Does anyone know a good breakfast joint in the woods?