Bear goes ice surfing on Lake Superior, survives feat


It's crazy enough that some guys go surfing on chilly Lake Superior at all, but this Madeline Island, Wis. bear just took it too far. At least the poor thing survived.

People on the Madeline Island ferry spotted a sad sight earlier this month: A bear stuck on a giant chunk of ice floating out on Lake Superior. It's like the Midwest version of polar bears on ice.

The drama lasted for several hours before the bear made it safely to shore and accomplished his mission: Get off that island.

The drama unfolded April 12 when passengers of the ferry spotted the bear on an ice floe in the lake. Hannah Stonehouse Hudson, who took the photos featured, told the Star Tribune she first saw the bear at 7:45 a.m. and the bear spent most of the day "just sitting on an ice floe going very slowly toward Basswood Island."

Her husband saw the bear getting close to land around 5:30 p.m. near Bayfield.

The situation became dangerous when the bear smashed through the ice and struggled to get back up on the ice. By the time he made it on land, witnesses said he took a long nap and then disappeared.


Free at last.