Beaches finally force parents to be responsible for their children

Wednesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Beaches finally force parents to be responsible for their children while swimming

Parents better prepare to actually be parents this summer and take their own children to the beach. Many beaches are cutting back on lifeguard hours, which means parents are responsible for ensuring their children are safe.

Teen outsmarts us all, starts ice cream truck business

Why didn't we all start businesses when we were kids? This girl gets her parents to help her buy a van and start an ice cream truck business in her neighborhood and probably makes some good bank. And her parents fawn all over her for being a smart and responsible young teen.

Moorhead and team wrestler gets scolded for player's public intoxication

A Minnesota State, Moorhead, wrestler was one of eight individuals from eight schools that were penalized for misconduct during the NCAA Division II wrestling meet in March. The school also received a letter of reprimand. Officials say the player was not competing, but came to cheer on his teammates. He was arrested for public intoxication at the meet.

Teen brags about killing rival gang member, charges filed

Marquez "Queezy" Storey couldn't help but brag about killing a rival gang member Friday and now police are on the search for him after charges were filed. The 18-year-old is accused of shooting and killing Dionte Ramone Montantes, 18, as he was walking away from a St. Paul community center.

You know it's hot when... I-94 buckles