BB gun robber McDonough sentenced to 20 years probation

Was Scott McDonough "intoxicated to the point of an alcoholic blackout" the night he used a BB gun to pull three gas station heists last summer, and deserving of some leniency, as his lawyer told District Judge Teresa Warner on Tuesday during the St. Paul man's sentencing?

Or, should he punished harshly because his victims were terrified by a "threat of death and were afraid for their lives while they worked at these businesses," as Assistant Ramsey County Attorney Juan Hoyos insisted in the Pioneer Press account of the sentencing.

Sounds like Warner was won over by the sob story. She gave McDonogh 20 years' probation, and the threat of 12 years behind bars if he screwed up the terms, which included staying clean and sober. And he's still going to prison for a year for one of the three robberies, which took place in Dakota County.

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