Batman is my hero

Don't know how I missed this Strib story from last week about a Minneapolis dog named Batman who is undergoing experimental cancer treatment.

Batman's got a brain tumor, the same malady suffered by Ted Kennedy, and his foray into medical research could save his life -- but also help thousands of people suffering from the same illness.

From the article:

Since dogs and most other animals don't live as long as humans, both their diseases and treatments progress or fail seven to ten times faster.

That means the Bakers will know within three to seven months, rather than years, whether Tuesday's surgery and the experimental treatment will prevent Batman's cancer from returning.

Needless to say, I'm rooting hard for Batman. If either one of my dogs got this cancer -- and 10s of thousands a year do -- I'd be a useless wreck. So, thanks, Batman! May your treatment and the research both be successful.

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