Basketball team helps ballin', nonverbal Red Wing kid ask out prom date


Red Wing students Lucas Martin and Erica Quandt are close friends, classmates in special education, and as of late, high school prom legends.

With Red Wing High School’s prom on the horizon, Martin and Quandt’s special education paraprofessionals noticed that the two really loved each other’s company, so they started scheming to play Cupid for a night. They recruited teachers, other students, and members of the boys basketball team to help Martin, who is nonverbal, ask Quandt to be his prom date.

Early Friday morning, the basketball players flanked Martin as he waited in the cafeteria for Quandt to arrive. They had donned t-shirts spelling “Erica Prom?” and carried roses, Bachelor-style.

When Quandt showed up, someone hit play on a sappy Garth Brooks track. She said yes. Everyone basically burst into tears.

Even the people who just spent Monday reading about the story online.

For more squeal-worthy, feel-good moments, Martin and Quandt’s entire Great American prom adventure — from shopping for nauseatingly sparkly outfits to alighting at the school doors on the big night — will be documented for everyone on their Instagram account.


Oh, and the senior boys basketball team also won their game later that night against Northfield High School, which means they’re off to the state championship.