Bashing Boss Kelly


St. Paul City Council member Jay Benanav, who lost to Randy Kelly by 403 votes in the 2001 mayoral election, just posted this note (which was initially sent to the Pioneer Press) to the St. Paul issue forum:

To the editor,

The results of the primary election in St. Paul confirm what the majority of the City Council have been saying all along: the policy of the Kelly administration to strip bare the financial cupboard of the city and make it all but impossible to provide the kind of services that citizens expect is a colossal failure and will no longer be tolerated . The 75% of the voters that voted for Chris Coleman and Elizabeth Dickinson have made it clear that Mayor Kelly's refusal to invest in St. Paul, a policy which has resulted in 8000 jobs lost in St. Paul since 2001, an increase in violent crime during the Kelly administration, a vacancy rate in downtown not seen in decades is simply unacceptable. In the four years that Mayor Kelly has been mayor he has consistently refused to work with the council majority to find acceptable solutions to the issues that the city faces. His philosophy is "his way or the highway." I think the Mayor will discover in November that the citizens of St. Paul are tired of his tactics and will be sending the Mayor packing and elect a person who truly understands how to get things done: Chris Coleman. -- Jay Benanav

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