Barely literate Bachmann shopping book, likely to command "generous advance"

Michele Bachmann has never been known as a great wit or wordsmith, but in a move sure to anger starving authors everywhere, she is shopping a book, according to Ben Smith of Politico.

Bachmann ventured to New York to meet with her agent to make arrangements for what is sure to be a thoroughly spell-checked story.
Smith writes:

Bachmann will be in New York this week meeting with publishers with her agent, Alex Hoyt, who also represents the Catholic conservative Deal Hudson among other authors. (That makes Bachmann a real political outsider: She, unlike unlike everyone from Sarah Palin to Barack Obama, isn't represented by Bob Barnett.) A rising conservative star with access to the conservative movement's powerful distribution channels, she'd likely command a generous advance.

Bachmann said in April that she was in the early stages of writing the book, now a necessary step in the rise of any political star.

Not only is Bachmann fame-hungry, but she's also looking to cash in on her high national profile.

The Queen of Stillwater has some new bling!