Barb Johnson one of just two races where IRV came into play

The thousand dollar coif

The thousand dollar coif

Barb Johnson was one of only two candidates who didn't muster the 50 percent needed last night to avoid having Instant Runoff Voting come into play, according to the Pioneer Press. In fact, she was the worst performing leading vote getter.

To recap, IRV only kicks in when one candidate does not win a majority. Barb Johnson (46.9 percent) and Don Samuels (47.0 percent), both incumbents, each failed to hit that magical 50 percent-plus-one mark. Since both also received a lot of second-place votes, they appear to be shoe-ins for reelection.


We can't help but wonder if the disclosure Monday of Johnson's lavish use of campaign funds for haircuts, cable TV, internet, AAA coverage, cell phone and other communication devices didn't have something to do with the poor showing by the City Council President.

Johnson claims that the various perks are campaign related, because she is always campaigning.

"I consider myself to be campaigning continuously--all the time," Johnson says. "I can't go to the grocery store or to church without bumping into a constituent and being asked a question, which is the life of a politician."

Today, Barb is back to work campaigning, a job she will perform for the next 365 days without rest. But considering her poor showing, she might have to work a little harder.