Barb Heki sues Michele Bachmann and staffer who betrayed her for Ron Paul

Et tu, Kent Sorenson?
Et tu, Kent Sorenson?

-- Kent Sorenson betrayed Bachmann for 30 silver shekels, she claims
-- Michele Bachmann, Profiles in Courage: She runs away from, lies to CNN reporter [VIDEO]

In late December, just days before the crucial Iowa Caucus, Michele Bachmann's Iowa campaign co-chairman, Iowa state Sen. Kent Sorenson, pulled a Brutus and bolted from her campaign, publicly throwing his support behind Ron Paul just hours after he was seen campaigning with Our Favorite Congresswoman.

Turns out Bachmann may not have been the first co-worker Sorenson daggered that winter.

Yesterday, former Bachmann campaign aide Barb Heki -- a Christian home-school advocate and former board member for the Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators --  filed a lawsuit against both Michele and Sorenson, alleging that she became the fall-woman after Sorenson stole a private email list from her and sent messages to all the contacts contained therein.

From the Associated Press:

The lawsuit filed by Barb Heki claims that Bachmann's Iowa campaign chairman, state Sen. Kent Sorenson, took the list from Heki's private computer to promote Bachmann's candidacy among Christian home-school advocates before the Iowa caucuses. Heki was hired to coordinate home-school supporters for Bachmann's Iowa campaign.

... When an email from the campaign was sent to members of the network in November, Heki was named in media reports as providing the list. She was later removed from the boards of the Iowa network [i.e., NICHE] and a related national network of home-school advocates on which she served.

Heki told the AP the email list-fiasco is "the most devastating thing that's happened to me in my whole life"... prompting us to observe that she must've lived a fairly easy life.

She and her husband want compensation for "all actual, consequential, and exemplary damages plus all costs in this case, together with interest at the highest allowable rate." They allege Sorenson -- and, by extension, Bachmann -- trespassed against them, misappropriated trade secrets, invaded their privacy, conspired, and libeled/slandered them, among other charges.

Sorenson, reached for comment by Politico, said Heki's accusations "absolutely did not happen."

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