Barack Obama recommends meditation for Republicans

Obama rallies at the U
Obama rallies at the U
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Mark Dayton's campaign for governor got two big boosts this weekend: Yet another lead in another poll, and a pat on the back from Barack Obama.

Obama flew in for a Dayton rally at the U of M, where he said Republicans would drive the economy back into a ditch if given the chance.

"If you think somehow there's a new and improved Republican Party out there, let me be clear: The chair of the Republican campaign committee was asked, well, what are you going to do if you take over Congress. He said, we'll pursue the 'exact same agenda' as we did before Obama took office."

What his opponents need, Obama said, is a little more solitude and reflection.

"It's not like they went out into the desert and they said, 'Boy, we really screwed up,' and they went and meditated for a bit and came back with some new ideas," he told the crowd.

The stop in Minnesota was part of a four-day barnstorming tour that seems to be helping Obama as much as it may be helping his allies.

A Newsweek poll shows Obama's approval ratings are now at 54 percent compared to 48 percent in September, and that 48 percent of registered voters are leaning Democratic compared with 42 percent for the Republicans.

Dayton leads Republican challenger Tom Emmer 41 percent to 34 percent in the latest Star Tribune poll. And the day after the Obama-Dayton rally, Emmer and outgoing GOP Gov. Tim Pawlenty warned a small gathering of Republicans about the upshot of a Dayton victory.

TheUpTake has posted full video of the half-hour Obama-Dayton rally here.

And here are the results of other statewide polls so far (undecided voters make up the balance to reach 100 percent in each hypothetical race):

Rasmussen, Oct. 22

  • Mark Dayton (D): 44 percent
  • Tom Emmer (R): 41 percent
  • Tom Horner (I): 10 percent

KSTP/Survey USA, Oct. 15

  • Mark Dayton: 42 percent
  • Tom Emmer: 37 percent
  • Tom Horner: 14 percent

Rasmussen, Oct. 8

  • Dayton 40 percent
  • Emmer 38 percent
  • Horner 15 percent

MPR/Humphrey Institute, Sept. 29

  • Dayton 38 percent
  • Emmer 27 percent
  • Horner 16 percent

Star Tribune, Sept. 26

  • Dayton 39 percent
  • Emmer 30 percent
  • Horner 18 percent

Rasmussen, Sept. 24

  • Emmer 42 percent
  • Dayton 41 percent
  • Horner 9 percent

KSTP/SurveyUSA, Sept. 15

  • Dayton 38 percent
  • Emmer 36 percent
  • Horner 18 percent

MPR/Humphrey Institute, Aug. 31

  • Dayton 34 percent
  • Emmer 34 percent
  • Horner, 13 percent

The following polls took place before the nominating conventions:

KSTP/SurveyUSA, Aug. 5

  • Dayton 46 percent, Emmer 32 percent, Horner 9 percent
  • Kelliher 39 percent, Emmer 33 percent, Horner 12 percent
  • Entenza 38 percent, Emmer 33 percent, Horner 12 percent

Star Tribune, Aug 1:

  • Dayton 40 percent, Emmer 30 percent, Horner 13 percent
  • Kelliher 38 percent, Emmer 29 percent, Horner 13 percent
  • Entenza 36 percent, Emmer 31 percent, Horner 15 percent

Fox 9/Rasmussen, July 19:

  • Dayton 40 percent, Emmer 36 percent, Horner 10 percent
  • Kelliher 40 percent, Emmer 35 percent, Horner 11 percent
  • Entenza 37 percent, Emmer 36 percent, Horner 12 percent

Decision Resources, June 8:

  • Dayton 40 percent, Emmer 28 percent, Horner 18 percent
  • Kelliher 38 percent, Emmer 28 percent, Horner 17 percent
  • Entenza 34 percent, Emmer 27 percent, Horner 19 percent

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